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 London Bites

Bite of the Month - Six Storeys


Photos by Suki N.

On the corner overlooking Soho Square towers Six Storeys. A bar, restaurant and events space with the feel of an exclusive members-only club (without the fees).


Funnily enough…there are six floors (coincidence? I think not) all dressed up in the style of vintage Manhattan with the added kitsch of a light-up dance floor.


From breakfast to late night, there’s something for everyone and every occasion. Whether you come for food or just for drinks, you will not be disappointed. Make sure you try the gooey scotch eggs and the chunk of Somerset Brie with truffle relish – check out @foodhip for more info.

You can walk-in to the Lobby Bar for breakfast and a coffee, have bar snacks or lunch and stay for a casual dinner and drinks from their 50+ strong cocktail list.


Adding a touch of elegance to your dining experience the Parlour restaurant is upstairs and offers soft lighting and chic distressed walls.


Fancy something even more exclusive?  For groups of 4-6, ask for the tasteful dining area behind draped curtains or book into either the Lounge or the Decantery for ‘By Appointment Only’ bookings (between Wednesdays and Saturdays), when one of the private event spaces are open for after-dinner cocktails.

One floor up from the Decantery ‘The Study’ offers a private and intimate space for small functions or even a quirky board meeting.


Finally the pièce de résistance – the aptly named ‘Loft’ is an ideal location to impress your friends for a private event in an intimate setting surrounded by the amazing vista of Soho Square and the West End.


It’s safe to say that the Six Storeys certainly has something for everybody and every occasion ….so what are you waiting for?

There is no excuse to not check it out.

Bar of the Month - Lounge Bohemia


cool bar.jpg

Illustration by Burton Bowen

One of my favourite things to do in London is discovering new bars…. especially secret bars.

Lounge Bohemia is one of those exciting finds. I used to walk past it and I have to confess having eaten drunkenly in the kebab shop above it, without ever realising that right beneath a little gem was waiting for me.


The staff greet you in a friendly manner, inside a living room style venue with a 60’s Soviet-style décor inspired from a Czech home.


The cocktail menu is straight forward, describing the ingredients but also keeping a bit of mystery about the spirits that are hidden inside them.  You could ask or guess, but where’s the fun in that? Once ordered, you get presented with one of their inventive concoctions served alongside a smooth explanation on how the magic is made and how you should drink it.


I love a smoky cocktail, so I had a Mexican style version of an old-fashioned made with Mezcal and crafted in a pipe shaped glass that I was instructed to sip slowly to savour all the flavours. The drink was strong and I loved it, so much so that I moved onto the next smoky thing on the menu, a Cuban inspired rum old-fashioned served in a cigar packaging. My friend had an enhanced Russian version of a Kir Royale made of vodka, and her second drink was a slushy gin concoction tasting like an apple.


We were light headed when we left and not just from the drinks.  This bar is not just about creating divine cocktails, it’s a sensory overload for the palette carefully crafted by artistes to ensure a memorable night out.

The website only provides the address and the phone number, they operate a booking only policy.